This book is my visual research about simple graphic forms in speech therapy manuals for Russian-speaking children. These forms play a crucial role in speech therapy process.


For example, while speech therapist and child are working on sounds, geometric shapes are used to depict the position of lips when pronouncing vowels. This way, the child knows sounds without knowing letters.

The structure of visual research is solved based on «from simple to complex» method — the book is divided into 5 chapters: sound, sound → letter, letter → word, word → sentence, sentence → text.

All of these steps contain simple graphic forms and child-friendly colors. In addition to the generally accepted symbolism of speech therapy manuals (red color for vowel sounds, blue for hard consonants and green for soft ones) there are many other visual techniques which are sources of verbal associations and which are presented in the book.

The conclusion and main thesis of research is that visual is the source of verbal.